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The CJ-3A Story:
What is a CJ-3A?  
Dating a CJ-3A by changes made during its 5 year production span.
Differences between a late CJ-3A and its military sibling the M38. 
The Farm Jeep and Jeep Tractor. 
The Nebraska Tractor Test of the CJ-3A 
What was the cost of a new CJ-3A?
New features of the CJ-3A over a CJ-2A
A quick check guide to differences between the CJ-2A and the CJ-3A
A Timeline of events in CJ-3A history.
Post War Willys-Overland Body Manufacturing
Scanned images of documents relating to CJ body manufacturer change in 1948
American Central Manufacturing in Connersville, Indiana
The West Coast Division at Maywood
A CJ-3A on the Moon

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