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 CJ3A New Features

The CJ-3A was introduced by Willys for the 1949 model year. It would replace the CJ-2A which came out in 1945. Willys SalesBuilder publications were distributed to dealers to help the sales department keep abreast of the new changes and features of Willys vehicles. The following is from the April 1949 issue.

 More Comfort - Greater Visibility

Increased leg room, seats with thicker cushions, leakproof and draftproof connection features for canvas top and front side of each door combine to make the CJ3A the most comfortable model of the Universal Jeep yet produced.

Greater visibility is in store for new Jeep owners, as the one piece windshield and improved, vacuum-type windshield wiper keep the road or work ahead in clear view.

The new windshield ventilator will allow fresh air into vehicle, while rest of the Jeep can be sealed from outside elements, if  desired.

Furthermore, the overall height of the vehicle, with windshield up, has been increased by 2-3/8", thus giving added headroom. New windshield, of course, can be placed across hood to lower the silhouette, many times necessary when working in areas with low clearances, overhanging branches, etc.

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