The CJ-3A

The CJ-3A is one of many models of the flatfender Jeep built by Willys. See the Pictorial History of the Universal Jeep on the CJ-3B page for pictures of all the different flatfender Jeeps. About 130,000 CJ-3As were manufactured by Willys Overland in the late 40s and early 50s. The CJ-3A is very much like its predecessor the CJ-2A. At a glance the major difference is the windshield frame. The CJ-2A windshield frame is constructed with a round tubing framework. The upper corners of the frame are square. The CJ-3A windshield frame is constructed from rectangular tubing and the upper corners are rounded. The CJ-3A also has a vent in the panel below the glass. Windshields can be swapped between the 3A and the 2A so this method of identifying the CJ-3A does not always work. A more foolproof method involves measuring the length of the rear wheelwell. The CJ-3A advertised increased space for the driver compared to the 2A. This was accomplished by shortening the rear wheelwell and moving the drivers seat rearward. The length of the 3A wheelwell from the top front edge to the rear of the body is 32". The length of the 2A wheelwell is 34". An excellent article, The CJ-3A Universal Jeep by Reed Cary, can also be found on the CJ-3B page. Another very similar Jeep is the M38. The M38 is the military version of the CJ-3A. See the page Late M38 and CJ-3A visual differences for a list of some of the differences between these siblings. Another close sibling is the more rare CJ-V35/U. This is another military Jeep based on the CJ-3A.

The 1949 CJ2A/CJ3A Parts Book has several good illustrations showing the CJ-3A. Much information can be obtained from studying these illustrations of the 3A. Click on the illustrations below to enlarge.

Right Rear ViewEngineBodyDash

Photos of one of the most original 3As can be found on the CJ-3B Page here Joe Caprios original 1951 CJ-3A