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Fabricating Lift Rings for a CJV-35/U
(or any other USMC/Navy jeep)
by Peter Jones

Here are my ho’made V35 lift rings. They're made from off the shelf hardware, then “clear zinc” plated; same stuff that is on the standard 1/4” bolt on the hardware shelf. Here's the progress.

Lawrence Hardware strap hinge. Just about the right dimensions for the upper bolt hole to Hinge-pin loop to become the lower tie-down hole to ring receiving loop.

3 “ rings; Stanley Hardware, as I recall. I bought them at McGuckin’s Hardware ( in Boulder, CO who were kind enough to order a full lot for me so I could get just 4. Just as I suspected, simply an old 3” horse tie ring. Raw steel, no coating.

Straps cut to size. I used an Ox-Acetylene cutting torch, prior to my acquisition of a small surface grinder w/ a cut-off wheel. It would have worked much better.

The overheated zinc coating is clearly visible. It gets worse before it gets better.

Grinding the taper onto the loop. No machine shop here. The rings were then slid in the openings.

Ring welded into loops. It is very easy to get the loops too tight. This is where a little extra material could be good going in.

Marking the upper hole location. There seems to be three extra holes on my bumper.

Filing the square corners into place on the newly drilled upper holes.

The bolts are simply hardware carriage bolts w/ the head script sanded off, the whole assembly is thrown in a wire cage and plated w/ “clear zinc” (at one of the  few “clear zinc” plating companies in the area). Not too bad for an afternoons work. No, I won't build any more. Anybody got an idea what the 3 extra holes in the rear bumper were for?

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