Interesting Parts

Motor Mount Adapter: Due to the similarity of CJ-2A engines they are often installed in CJ-3As. The biggest obstacle to this swap is the different location of the drivers side motor mount. One of the improvements made to the CJ-3A over the CJ-2A was a vacuum booster on the fuel pump. This allowed the windshield wipers to operate while at full throttle. This change required a different engine front plate to allow the larger fuel pump to fit. The new plate required a different motor mount location and therefore a different vehicle frame. The 1949 CJ-2A, CJ-3A Parts manual lists an adapter to allow later CJ-3A frames to be used as a service replacement frames for CJ-2As. This adapter must relocate the CJ-3A drivers side motor mount point to the rear for the CJ-2A engine.  The part number is 647913 Adapter, engine mounting bracket .

Key Start 6 Volt Conversion Starter: From the WillysTech mailing list comes this information. "David mentioned a while back that he heard that autolite starter MZ4163 could be used on a kick start type jeep to convert it to a key start.  I have confirmed that this is indeed true.  The MZ4163 has 9 teeth to mesh with the stock 124 tooth flywheel on kick start jeeps from 1949-1952 with stock starter without a bullnose." This starter can be used on CJ-3As to replace a kick start starter MZ-4137 or MZ-4162 from 1949 to 1952 through serial number 452-GB1 30973.