CJ-3A Electrical Parts Information

6 volt
12 volt conversion
6012, 6014
Front park light
Dash illumination light
Tail/Stop light
1158 not indexed, 1154 indexed *
1176 not indexed, 1157 indexed *
High beam indicator light
51, 55 will fit but is brighter
53, 1895 will fit but is brighter
Turn signal flasher 535 537
Turn signal Indicator
51 53
Battery Autolite 1M-100, H 8-5/8, L 8-22/32, W 7" 100Ah

Generator See Dating a CJ-3A for more information
Use a CJ-5 generator
Match to generator
Match to generator
See Dating a CJ-3A for more information 6 volt starter will work on 12 volts**
Circuit breaker on light switch 30 amps
*Original rear tail and stop light sockets are not indexed and most modern replacement sockets are indexed.
** Original 6 volt starters will operate on 12 volts if treated with respect. Do not crank for extended periods or let the starter free spin.

Parts Manual Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram