CJV-35 10??? The serial number plate is missing from this V-35 so it can only be identified by the original engine number, V10125. As of 3/2007 this V-35 is for sale.

The front sheetmetal on this V35 is a-typical, but I believe it to be correct. The hood is an MB skin with the extra holes for the windshield holddowns and grease gun bracket, BUT the hinge brace and the hinge are typical of the CJ3A/ M38. Definitely not MB. The drivers side fender is MB with the headlight holddown bracket, BUT the fender brace has 4 holes punched in it for the horn mounting as on a CJ2A CJ3A, but these holes are not punched thru the fender skin. Also, the hole in the fender that is used to bolt the fender to the step is typically round on the MB/GPW, the hole is these fenders are oblong like those of the CJ3A. I do not have the serial # tag, but the engine # is V 10125. I have the front bumper, lift rings( repro ), ram's horn tow hooks, correct starter, generator, distributor, NOS voltage regulator, all original gauges, seat frames, fuel tank, correct pintle hook and bumperettes, repro antenna bracket, original correct tailgate. I have an M38 carb( rebuilt ), topbows and door frames, fording pipe and bracket for the exhaust. NO combat rims and none of the PTO/ generator/ radio gear. I am asking $5000.00. Possible delivery is available.

Joe Hall
Vintage Wiring of Maine