CJV-35 10759 

This V-35 is currently located in Oregon. The V-35 was purchased sight-unseen to be used as a beater, but after learning what I had, decided to do a restoration.   The USMC hood number is 162857.  For some reason, it was titled as a 1953 AMC, but with help and cooperation from my local Oregon DMV was able to get it properly titled.  The jeep was from Arizona and has no rust at all!  The left front fender and hood are dented: the fender will be straightened and the hood replaced, with the original kept to show USMC markings.  Engine, transmission, transfer case and differentials are in good working order and will not be overhauled, except to flush and re-fill oil and replace seals.  Brakes and suspension are shot and will be completely re-built.