CJV-35/U 10752 was found in the back yard of a young boy that had a couple of jeeps, luckily most of its formal history was known and the add ons told the rest of the story.
If you will look---the factory cover for the PTO cut out is still in place and even though I found the Factory applied Marine Corps registration number on the hood, there were no further markings.  There was also no sign of the heavy tar looking under coating as all the other V-35s have.  Hence, I do not believe this V-35 was issued out by the Marines. It probably just sat in storage.  After finding the Georgia Forestry Commission decals on both sides of the doorwells, Its quite evident that the Forestry Commission screen the V-35 in new condition. When the Forestry Commission surplus the V-35, an owner of a marina bought it to haul boats in and out of the water. When the rear end gave out, the boy I got it from bought it.
Its been hammered, run hard and truly put up wet, but the body surprising has little rust---however, I do have to straighten some body panels. By some miracle, its original engine is still in place!!  Currently, its under cover awaiting its turn to be brought back to running and driving condition. In the mean time, I am actively researching the V-35 history and other owners of V-35s.
Harold West  hwest009@bellsouth.net
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