CJV-35 10723 This was my second purchase (this one off of Ebay from Montana). It was to become the donner unit, but quickly became the main rig with the least damage due to mother nature.  It appears to have been bought in Georgia by a Montana farmer, never titled, and used on the farm performing at least some time as a spray rig. After 50+ years service, it broke loose from the tow vehicle, went down a ditch and rolled, hence the visible damage. There is additional frame, spring, shackle and axle damage as well. This unit was primed in "Wheat" and had two coats of OD, a seized engine and extensive rollover body damage when I found it. However a complete set of data plates, fording valves, correct air cleaner, generator, fuel tank and starter were present. It will be brought back in Navy Gray, the color found on the 4th layer of paint on my other unit, 10180, and shown on the picture of the wheel. A work in progress as time and funds are afforded.