CJV-35 10257 I found my CJV sitting next to a dumpster behind a repair shop in Meridian, MS in Nov 2001.  I had been looking for a WWII era MB/GPW for a couple months when I stumbled upon this one.  I called the owner and offered him $500, he laughed, said "SOLD!" and I wished I had offered $250.  I found all the original data tags right where they should be and started investigating what exactly was this CJV-35/U I just bought.  After learning how rare it was I decided to restore it instead of ruin it with big wheels and a bigger motor. The progress has been slow due to my Active Duty Navy job followed by my move to civilian life a year ago.  Now she's in her new garage, I have much more free time (even working 26+ days a month) and am ready to get her looking like she did in 1950. The body/tub need some major repairs.  The motor and starter are original as well as many of the minor fittings and attachments.  It has an older 'F' scripted transfer case, an M-38 windshield and a 12v gen instead of 6v.
-Dave Souza

Photos coming soon!