CJV-35 10180 This V35 was found in Eureaka Springs Arkansas, with history traced through Missouri and Georgia (several seem to have come through Georgia). It had several layers of paint; "Wheat" primer (as with 10723), OD, a second layer of OD, Navy Gray (the color 10723 will be) black, and two heavy coats of red. The (V35 correct) tailgate was sandblasted and almost 1/2 it's former weight was removed. I now have this unit in Colorado, and am interested in trading duplicate parts for my "missing" pieces to help someone else complete a unit, including a "correctly" numbered block/data plate and title. The body is very bad, and the frame is marginal, but has never been cracked or welded on (except the aftermarket bumpers). I found myself the curator of two of these. See CJV35 10723