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A surviving Farm Jeep, serial number 451-GC1 10001

Most published serial number lists don't even include the uncommon Farm Jeep (serial number prefix 45x-GC1) or the Jeep Tractor (prefix 45x-GD1), but examples of both do exist. Click here to see the Farm Jeep and Jeep Tractor article and find out more about Farm Jeeps. Serial number 451-GC1 10001 identifies this as the first Farm Jeep produced. It was purchased new in Pennsylvania, then moved to West Virginia, and now resides in Arizona. Leon Hackett is the 3rd owner who obtained the Jeep in a trade for a tractor. He then drove from West Virginia to Arizona where it is now a daily driver! Click on the photos for a larger view.




Thanks to Leon for supplying the photos and history of his unique CJ-3A.

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