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The CJ-3A Owners Manual contains a wealth of information about the vehicle. In the days of the 3A the owner did much of the regular maintenance themselves. The following recommendation is from the Owners Manual on page 16 "At least once a year, preferably in the Spring, remove the oil pan and floating oil intake and wash thoroughly with cleaning solution." and on page 18 "Once each year (12,000 miles) (19,200 Km.) the axle shafts and universal joint assemblies should be removed, thoroughly cleaned and the housings filled with new lubricant. When the vehicle is used for dusty field work, clean and repack the housings twice each year." This is refering to the front axle shaft U-joints inside the steering knuckle. Imagine doing this type of maintenance on your Jeep every year!

The complete manual, in pdf format, is broken down into 3 sections below. Acrobat Reader is required to view these files. The copyright date of this manual is 1948 and the printing date is Dec. 10, 1948

Section A (
230KB) is from the inside of the front cover to page 18. This includes Forward, Caution, Standard Warranty, General Data, Inspection, Special Precautions, Proper Operation, How To Save Gasoline, and General Lubrication.

Section B (
807KB) contains Proper Maintenance pages 19-52. This is the largest section of the Owners Manual and contains valuable information about servicing almost every part of the Jeep.

Section C
(209KB) starts with Cold Weather Precautions and continues through Emergency Chart (troubleshooting tips), Extra equipment, Draw Bar Pull, Directions For Ordering Parts and Alphabetical Index. This covers page 53 through 71 and the index.

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